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World Crossbow Shooting  Association Inc.

The World Crossbow Shooting Association Inc. (WCSA) is an international organisation representing the interests of target and open (sport) crossbow shooters around the world. Medieval and 3D competitions are also encouraged.

For general correspondence, you should contact the Secretary General.

For specific queries regarding the Competition & Shooting rules please contact the  Technical Committee via email - technicalofficer@worldcrossbow.com or the Chairman of Judges via email -  officials@worldcrossbow.com



Formal inauguration of WCSA

The World Crossbow Shooting Association Inc. (WCSA) was inaugurated on 10 January 2003, when delegates from six countries met in Cambridge, New Zealand. WCSA foundation members are Archery New Zealand Inc., Archery Australia Inc., Canadian Crossbow Federation (in formation), National Crossbow Federation of Great Britain (NCFGB), Federação Dos Arqueiros e. Besteiros de Portugal (FABP), and the National Crossbowmen of the USA.



Competition and Shooting Rules

   Click here to view Shooting Rules dated January 1st 2022.

   Click here to view Shooting Rules dated January 1st 2021.

   Click here to view Shooting Rules dated January 1st 2019.

   Click here to view Shooting Rules dated January 1st 2017.

   Click here to view Shooting Rules dated January 1st 2015.

World Championship Guidelines

   Click here to view guidelines to running a work championships and major tournaments.


WCSA Constitution

   Click here to view the WCSA constitution.


At almost every tournament the organizing committee receive numerous scorecards that have completed incorrectly. They spend hours sorting through them.

As the onus is on the competitor to correctly complete and sign the score card, the WCSA executive has agreed that World Championship scorecards completed incorrectly will be returned back to the competitor to resolve.

    Click here to read guidelines on completing the scorecard correctly


The Technical Committee at WCSA has developed new scorecard templates to assist competition organisors use a standard scorecard and results sheet.

   Click here to read instructions

   Click here for 90 bolt scorecards.            Click here for 60 bolt scorecards.           Click here for Event Results.    

   Click here for Target Results.                   Click here for full Indoor Scorecards.      Click here for Indoor 2 x 30 scorecards.    

   Click here for Forest 48 Target.                Click here for Forest Results.                  Click here for Ind MP scorecards.    

   Click here for Team MP scorecards.        Click here for 48 bolt scorecards.    




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