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Current List of WCSA Officials

Stephen Sommers (Australia)

Chairman of Judges



John Clark



Jim Beatty


Alexandre Teixeira



Vania Barra(Brazil)


John Bingham


Iris Bingham


Parvej Joshi


Tony McLoughlin (Ireland)
Miguel Duarte (Portugal)
Peter Holt


Rebekka Gannholm (Sweden)
Rikard Zetterquist (Sweden)
Jeff Copley (USA)

Honorary Lifetime Officials

CLive Barnett        


Awarded Life Time Official in 2013 for his contributions to WCSA Officials programme


World Crossbow Shooting Association

Officials Page

The World Crossbow Shooting Association Inc. (WCSA) Officials Page was setup primarily for all WCSA listed Officials so that they can keep up to date with activities and news in the Crossbow world. But it is open to anyone interested in Officials activities.

The list of current WCSA Officials are posted on this page. They may be contacted via me by sending an email to officials@worldcrossbow.com

Chairman of Judges report from the 2016 World 3D Championships

Please find attached the CoJ report from the 7th World Target Championships. CoJ Report


Officials for the 2016 WCSA 3D World Championships, Portugal

I have great pleasure to announce that the judges for the 2016 WCSA 3D World Championships being held in Portugal are:

Tony McLoughlin (Ireland) - Chairman of Judges

Miguel Duarte (Portugal) – also acting as WCSA Technical Officer for the event.

John Clark (Australia)

Parvej Joshi (India)

Alexandre Teixeira (Brazil)

Vania Barra (Brazil)

Chairman of Judges report from the 2015 World Target Championships

Please find attached my CoJ report from the 7th World Target Championships. CoJ Report

New WCSA Officials - July 2015

A Judges Seminar was conducted at the 2015 WCSA World Target Championships held in Fort Lauderdale USA. The seminar lasted over 4 hours and covered many topics. The next seminar may be a day long event. From the seminar we gained 3 new Judge Candidates

I would like to welcome them to our Officials family:

Alexandre Teixeira & Vania Barra both from Brazil and Jeff Copley from USA.

Momentum of Bow Data.

With the split of the sports bow into 2 divisions - Standard & Freestyle - the judges will need assistance with the bow classification.  A momentum table is provided to assist the judges. To review the table click here

Officials for the 7th WCSA World Championships, Fort Lauderdale USA.

I have great pleasure to announce that the judges for the 7th WCSA World Championships are:

Stephen Sommers (Australia) - Chairman of Judges

Tony McLoughlin (Ireland) - Deputy Chairman of Judges

Jerry Pylypchuk (USA) - Director of Shooting

John Clark (Australia), John Bingham (GBR), Iris Bingham (GBR), Parvej Joshi (India), Rikard Zetterquist (Sweden)

Thanks to all the judges that put their name forward, including those not selected.

New WCSA International Judges

WCSA is proud to advise that following the  2nd European Championships held in Germany early June 2014, that Parvej Joshi is now an International Judge. Parvej completed his judges training course in February 2014 in India and then officiated at the 2nd European Championships in June 2014. Congratulations Parvej.

Also following the Swedish Championships, the C.O.J. - Peter Holt - has recommended that Rikard Zetterquist become an International Judge. Rikard completed his judges training course in February 2014 in India. Congratulations Rikard.

Officials for the European Championships (conducted in Germany in June)

  COJ Report

WCSA has appointed 4 Officials for the 2nd European Championships being held in Germany in June 2014.

They are:

John Clark (Australia) - Chairman of Judges

John Bingham (GBR)  Iris Bingham (GBR), Parvej Joshi (Ind)

Extracts of the Rule Book:

I have made an extract of the WCSA Rules into separate sections for each of the specific shooting events (ie Target, Forest, etc). This will allow you to carry 1 chapter of the rules instead of the whole rule book when attending an event. Whilst this works remember there needs to be at least 1 copy of the full rule book at each tournament. I suggest that should be the Chairman of Judges responsibility.

Target          Match Play          Indoor          Indoor Match Play          Forest          3D          Bench Prone

Honorary Lifetime Officials

WCSAs first Honorary Lifetime Official was awarded to Clive Barnett at the 2013 WCSA Council Meeting in Visby Sweden 2013 . When WCSA was first formed Clive became the Officials Director and then the Chairman of the Technical Committee. Clive put in place many guidelines and procedures currently in use by all WCSA Officials. It was an honour to nominate Clive for this lifetime award and most deservingly awarded to a great man, mentor and firm but fair judge. Congratulations Clive.

Stephen Sommers

WCSA Officials Director.




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